EDO They were one in origin; Yet they are one in Diversity.
Softly and tenderly we rehearse and remember; That Edos came out of one quiver.
There was a center, from where they rallied; Scattered they became, ‘kos of no boundaries. From Benin, later called a city;
Unto Ogbese, and Udo, beyond Ovia.
From Urhokuosa, and Eho to Uromi Unto Auchi, Ibillo beyond Irua.
From Oka, and Sokponba to Evbokabua, Unto Ugo, Orogho, Obagie near Ethiope River.
Igueben, Evbohimwin, Ososo, Ora or Irrua, And Owan, Agbede, Afuze, too near to forget
Our kingdom once touched Idah, Kwara, Jebba, And dominated Owo, Ifon and Igbo country.
Edo people were one in origin,Edos are still one in diversity.
Nigerian territories cannot Edo confine,
For thousands migrated within West Africa.
Some in Dahomey now Benin Republic;
Others in Ghana, Sierra Leone, Dakar, or so.
Even Spain retained earlier ambassadors;
If not, where are their descendants today?
Rooted in tradition, their traces are clear;
Traditional rulership of kings, Princes and Enogies;
If in doubt, watch their lineage greetings;
They go from one to another, the same.
Cultural artifacts, and foods and attires
Depicted by names or customs and norms.
If marriage does not summarize our oneness,
The rites of passage do settle the matter.
Who argues our personalities are not one and same,
The Bini, Esan, Ora, Owan, Etsakon, Akoko Edo,
Extending to Eka, Urhobo and Ijaw beyond the Delta;
These later groups also remember their roots.Our people are one in Origin;
And also one in Diversity.
The Edo man or woman, a real parent;
Sons and Daughters they teach with reverence,
To taboos and social avoidance differences.
Professionally, never lack a vocation,
With heart and mind and soul’s devotion,
They prove themselves in high motivation,
Farming, crafting, building, medicine, teaching,
Trading, carving, hunting, or more for vocation.
Edoland most blessed by the Almighty;
What do we lack, that we do not have?
Food in abundance, timber in quantum,
Rubber, cocoa, citrus and petroleum,
Accountability ensured,
We could care for a nation.
When all is said and done,
My brothers and sisters;
One thing we need, to reach perfection;UNITY, UNITY, UNITY, we need.
Edo was one in Origin, Yet one in Diversity;
And shall continue to be one forever. GREETINGS!
August 31, 2001 (Original Author un

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