Everybody loves a winner. Winning connotes that a prize has been taken; a contest has been won thereafter the winner takes all.
You can win a beauty contest, a football match or a wrestling bout after taking part in a contest where there are other parties. To be a winner implies you have done better than the others in the opposing group, the other person, in the said contest.
Success is different. Success implies an achievement, scaling an obstacle, a hurdle, overcoming a burden or a hindrance to progress.
Success is also sweet and has a long savory after all is said and done and success last forever.
To be successful is to attain the required goal, reach the required standard. The ‘successful’ can celebrate without any hindrance or thought of hurting someone else. This; the winner cannot do as there is a loser who is the other side of the coin. The loser is sad, unaccomplished, a failure.
In the spirit of sportsmanship, humility should prevail after wining a contest.In the time of success, there may be failures that may not have made the mark, but they do not pose a problem as there was no contest, merely an assessment of each individuals’ or groups on their own merits.
Success brings lasting joy as success can succeed success not so for winners.
The call to serve EDO LAND is a call to duty. A call to make sacrifices that include professional, financial, material and time sacrifices to achieve desirable results. It is not a contest.
There will be no winners as there will be no losers as well. We can either succeed or not succeed in our quest.
We should therefore pray for SUCCESS in our efforts to serve our people. Edo State is not a prize to be won. It is made up of people to be served as our people are in dire need of assistance.
In this quest, I pray to GOD to bless our efforts so that we are SUCCESSFUL.
Thank you all for reading.

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