Hearty congratulations to Comrade Adam Oshiomhole the new executive Governor of Edo State and all the good Edo people who fought to secure his mandate. The members of the EDO GLOBAL ORGANISATION express our warm congratulations to you Comrade Adam Oshiomhole on your courage and electoral victory in the April, 2007 election and the resounding victory of the determined masses of Edo State at the celebrated appeal court judgment with you at the vanguard.
We can count on you even now with great trust knowing the challenges ahead are immense which require good judgment, consistency, tenacity towards the people centered vision that delivered the final victory being celebrated.
EDO GLOBAL ORGANISATION affirm, this milestone would help Nigeria people overcomes the brutal history of ethnic division and worse still godfatherism in politics which we have consistently fought against for a long period.
And that, The Edo people has for too long waited for this historic moment of change and political enlightenment and engagement at both grassroots and middle class, setting precedent not only of Edo origin but of the nation state –the Republic of Nigeria.
Conscious that, your victory signals a new dawn of inspirational political leadership, and engagement at social, economic, political and cultural levels, above all, from electoral tradition to electoral civilization; opening doors of opportunities for all, at all levels.
EDO GLOBAL ORGANISATION accepts and agrees that, your victory, signals a new birth of political movement towards a positive radical psychological change in the mind of every Nigerian with political aspiration and vision.
Edo global praise your inspirational tenacity, courage and commitment which recognized no boundaries, and which continue to resonate on a non- compromise of the peoples’ mandate in the face of adversity, incompetence, and perpetual threat to your family life in your fight for political emancipation of Edo people(masses) from the hard hands of Godfatherism and political menace: Political spin doctors whose administration best serve a desired outcome rather than for other reasons such as being morally justifiable for Edo people and the State.
Mr Adam Oshiomhole, Edo global can confirm that, hundreds of illustrious Edo in the Diaspora never jumped ship in their overwhelming support for the good fight for freedom, peace, and democracy which your goodself and the Edo people started when you declaredyour candidature to run for the gubernatorial election and the masses voices heard on 14TH
April 2007, where for the first time Edo people (since generation of ‘uma egba ne Edo’)
unanimously cast their vote with one voice. It signals emerging spirit of new birth of
patriotism, passion for service and compassion for our people and the yearning of Edo people
unity in addressing the unpopular political and economic crisis of Edo state both at local and
federal level.
As we celebrate with you, we express our commitment in good spirit to work with you
shoulder to shoulder to actualise the meaning of this historic union and victory that, your
visionary spirit brought into our home, our spirit, our service, our future hope and above all,
our advancement as Edo people, state, and nation.
The challenges before your Excellency are immense, a dilapidated infrastructure, and state
institutions, the alienated youths and excluded young women and abused children including
Edo state economic crisis leading to insecurity. Your excellence, this can be won with speed,
consistencies, being focused and fairness- instruments that have been very fundamental in
your campaign. These require team work. How your excellent wisdom, your well resourceful
team and partners handle these problems will help determine the answerer to the pressing
question of how Edo state will forge a new role of itself in Nigeria; given the recent history of
Edo state’s poor records on human security brought about by appalling leadership and
Of course, we cannot forget those falling heroes who lost their lives and for the family of the
bereaved and their economic support system cut of, his Excellency must be resolved without
fear or favour, bearing in mind that your mandate is unprecedented to be bold in or towards
fighting inequalities across culture, and political terrace in Nigeria to compensate for the
prize paid as the lives loss are always of the passionate poor, who yearn for structural and
social economic and political change in our state.
Atlas the change has come!
Edo people must preserve, protect, re-fire the spirit of change in all works of live to give the
desired freedom to ourselves, family, and in the conduct of official matters that effects every
human being in Edo State, then we can pass it on from ethnic to ethnic, community to
community, and state to state across the nation state Nigeria.
Let our lives rebrand the emerging new Nigeria’s future, where democracy will overcome
Godfatherism, and free and fair election will prevail over political party terrorism and where
political challenges can be conducted by prospective aspirant on the basis of intellectual
debate centred on the vision plan or manifesto, over political fracas that, have always
dominated, above all where the decency, and equitable justice displayed by the judiciary will
pervade the legal fabric of NIGERIA.
Then EDO people can be proud come the next presidential election, we have more than
enough achievement that will guarantee a cross cultural Obama – omrade Adams Oshimole’s
sensational change phenomenon.
May the good Lord grant you, Comrade (People’s Governor) Adam Oshimole sound mind,
ruddy health and long live, and God’s protection, so as to allow you give your best in
rebuilding the state for a better EDO STATE and a guaranteed future for our children.Signed Dr SEO OGBONMWAN FMCOG

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