There is no doubt that Yar’Adua’s illness has caused crisis of no small magnitude in the Nigeria political landscape and in spite of the ingenuity and resilience of Nigerians who are determined not to go again through the mistakes of 1966/67 some evil people who are making profit out of this disorderly situation are determined to plunge the nation into the abyss.
Right from when Yar’Adua was flown to Saudi Arabia for his treatment after he was said to have collapsed in Aso Rock, all information about his illness have been coming in a drip drip form as the whole medical management has been shrouded in secrecy. As we are aware or suspect, the medical situation of the president is not looking good but he and his closest alleys still wish to hold on to power at all cost.
Anyone is allowed to fall ill; anybody who is ill is also allowed to seek remedy anywhere in the world for his ailment but what one is not allowed to do is to stop the clock of a nation’s progress; a nation of over 150 million people just that one has fallen ill.
You would expect the Yar’Adua’s closest friends and supporters will advice him to transmit power fully to his deputy so that he can have ample time to look after himself in the best medical setting anywhere in the world but they have not done that. Scared that power may be slipping from his (Yar’Adua’s) grip and in turn themselves, the heartless cabal of his closest associates decided to bring him down to Nigeria and nurse him in an ambulance without access by anyone.
The situation obviously creates doubt in the minds of many Nigerians. The thorny questions that come to mind includet:
 Is Yar’Adua really in the country especially when one considers the secrecy with which he was brought in the small hours of the night?
 On the other hand is he dead that there is so much secrecy and security about preventing everyone including the mother, siblings and the acting President of the nation from seeing him?
 The innermost cabal that is obviously controlling the situation presently, are they unmindful of the feelings of 150 million Nigerians who seem being taken for an inglorious ride?
 The role of the military in particular the brigade of guard, the Chief of Army Staff, National Security Adviser s who seems not to respect the views of the Nigerian people through the actions of the National Assembly of bestowing power on the Vice President to act on behalf of Yar’Adua as the Acting President of the nation.
 The role and pronouncements of the Personal Assistant to Yar’Adua who seem to be dishing out information from unelected individuals to the Nigerian people which seems to have compounded the present situation.
 The inability of Yar’Adua personal physician to inform the nation of his boss’ medical situation from time to time as done in other countries. Does this not call for the creation of the post of a Surgeon General for our country?However some good has come of out of this ugly situation in the person of Professor Dora Akunliyi who shows she has a conscience, and wishes to do what is right for our people by showing transparency in her dealings with fellow Nigerians. She has shown fearless ness and commitment to her position as information minister to sift the lies from truth in her information management.
Nigerians needs more Dora Akunyili to move the nation forward in a selfless manner as she is doing. Her actions, devotion to duty, from her days in NAFDAC to her present position has revealed her personality as a women with honour, conscience, transparent, incorruptible and has a vision for the good of the Nigerian nation. It is in crisis time that a leader emerges and Nigeria has just been blessed with one and her name is Dora Akunliyi.
The other benefits of the Yar’Adua illness include the unity of purpose of the nation in seeking to stop Nigeria from drifting in a rudderless manner at sea. Nigerians from all works of life have been involved in asking for direction from the national assemblies. No one has been left out being concerned, from students’ union to market women, to civil societies, NBA, and the coalition of political parties all have asked for direction from the ‘leaders’ So the ascendancy of Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan is not only and act of God but the very strong desire of Nigerian people who have made their feelings known.
The composition of the cabal determined to hold the country down have been exposed. They are doing this not for the ill Yar’Adua but for their personal gains and personal greed to acquire more personal ill gotten wealth from the common pool
The Yar’Adua illness has exposed the very weak Nigerian Heath system that needs urgent attention. What is lacking is not the manpower but appropriate infra structure and modern medical equipments to render a 21st century clinical service in at least a few centres in each of the geopolitical zones in the country.
It is also a good opportunity to entrench in the nation’s constitution that the federal government of Nigeria no longer funds treatment abroad for any her citizens. This singular move will help the government to invest appropriately in the national health sector.
We hope that Professor Dora Akunyili who is the type of incorruptible leader Nigeria needs will put herself forward for elective position at the highest level in subsequent election and we hope Nigerians from all walks of life will emulate her outspokenness, frankness, commitment to Nigeria, her transparent attitude and courage.
Those who are moving negative motions in the national houses of assembly against Dora Akunyili are deaf and blind to the quiet revolution taking place across the nation.
Nigerians want transparency, accountability and openness and an effective government and they are showing it. No more secrecy which facilitates corrupt practices. I ask them to listen to the new Nigerian song of progress, courage, openness and determination as exemplified by our respectable and hard working Dora Akunyili. Please leave our hero alone.

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