Today mark the 97th year of the restoration of the Benin Monarchy on the 24th day of July in 1914 with the crowning of Oba Eweka 11.
Aiguobasinmwin-nogie the eldest son of late Oba Ovoranmwen- nogbaisi ascended the throne of his forebears in the process of the restoration of the Benin Monarchy by the British government after the amalgamation of the southern and northern protectorates of Nigeria and he took the title of Oba Eweka the second. The choice of this title was symbolic as his ascensions to the throne was a new beginning for the ancient Obaship linage of Benin Kingdom after this restoration.
This was no mean feat. It was both a spiritual, intellectual and a legal tussle. A great achievement for the Benin people for which Oba Eweka the second was nicknamed Ovbiudu (literary the strong heart). He was not only
intelligent but wise and a very skillful negotiator. He led from the front by embracing modern education when he sent his first son Edokpaorogbeuyunmwun to school and he later became Oba Akenzua 11. He encouraged his chiefs to send their children to school and contributed in eliminating ignorance from his domain. In a paper by Dr Aisien, Oba Eweka 11 was eulogized as the Edo Man of the 20th century due his superb leadership and sterling qualities.
Our forebears left their footprints in the tide of time by creating something from nothing, by obtaining water from a piece of rock literarily. We must emulate them in our thought process, in our actions, and in our deeds so that we can continue to project the good name of Benin Edo people that has been given to us over these generations unadulterated which we shall hand over to our children in a much better shape and form.

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