Morning Salutations in Edo Land

The strict adherence to the custom and religious observances of the land have always played a dominant role in the life of the Edo people. It is therefore no wonder that most of these observances developed from their innate consciousness of their beliefs in their creator (Osanobuwa or Osanobua or Osanoghodua) who they say can only be reached through the spirits of their ancestors or their departed parents or elders they term as Enikaro (The Originators). In like manner, the Edo have associated themselves with the past and it is not uncommon to find that every family is therefore traced to its original forebear; a fact which is borne out by their family morning salutations. In most cases, these morning salutations are interlinked with the various chieftaincy titles of the land. A common saying in Benin is that those who have no family salutations are either strangers or else not freemen, but even those who are supposed to belong to these groups (of strangers or non freemen) usually take the morning salutations of their masters or guardians as the case may be. The following morning salutations are associated with the various families, a great many of which have connections with their original chieftaincy titles:
NO. Family Name Family Salutation
1Royal Family (First Royal Period from Ogiso era) Delaiso (Laiso) 2.Royal Family (Second Royal Period from Eweka 1.) Lamogun 3.Iyase of Benin
Lavbieze 4. Oliha of Benin 5. Edohen of Benin Laogele Latose6. Isiemwenro
7. Ezomo of Benin
8. Ero of Benin
9. Eholor Nire of Benin
10. Oloton of Benin
11. Elema of Benin
12. Ogiamien of Benin
13. Ogiefa of Benin
14. Ine N’Igun of Benin
15. Osa of Benin
16. Osuan of Benin
17. Enogie of Ugo N’ IIyekorhionmwon
18. Osenugba
19. OdionwereN’Idunmwun Edo
20. Iyase of Udo
21. Enogie of Ugo N’ Eki
22. Enogie of Ute
23. Ise of Utekon
24. Iyase of Uselu
Larendo (Laidu)
Delani (or Lani)
Delaiki (or Laiki)
Delakun (or Lakun)
Layede25. Elawure of Usen
26. Ezima (or Ojima) of Okeluhen
27. Enogie of Uvbe
28. Enogie of Ehor
29. Eholor of Igieduma
30. Olokhunmwun
31. Umodu
32. Emezi
33. Eni of Uzae (Ijare)
34. Aide
35. Olumoru
36. Oloke
37. Ughe
38. Igie
39. Ugha
40. Ohenukoni of Evbiekoi
41. Enogie of Irhue
42.Enogie of Evbokabua
Delaeho (or Laeho)
Delaihon (or Laihon)
Delagun (or Lagun)
Delaihe (or Laihe)
Delalu (or Lalu)
Lavbiuwa43. Emeri Lameri 44. Agia 45. Eze 46. Emehe 47. Akpan
Lakpan) 48. Umolu
49. Ize 50. Umokun 51. Ureni 52. Idu 53. Iren 54.Igiena 55. Emekon 56. Enogie of Erua Lagia Lamero Lamehe Delakpan (or Lamolu Laize Lamokun Lareni Laidu Lairen Laigena Lamekon Lagierua Courtesy: Origin of Benin Chieftaincy titles. – Prince Ena Eweka

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